Carla Bruni Tries Not to Emasculate Sarko in Front of the Queen

The couple attended a white-tie dinner at Windsor Castle hosted by the Queen. Sarko looked delightful in Prada, while Bruni donned navy blue Dior again. Perhaps she's covering up so much to deflect attention from the Christie's auction? Still, we'd kill for the dress. Photo: Getty Images

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy landed in London yesterday with her husband, French President Nicolas Sarkozy. It's a very big deal, you see, because it's Bruni's first official trip as France's first lady. Of course, her being a former model, we expected her to wear fashionable clothes. And they were, to a degree. Designed by Christian Dior and impeccably tailored, they still managed to look a little...dull. This is Carla Bruni after all! She of the naked Christie's photo! Sticking to gray and navy with a plain black Dior handbag, it seemed like Bruni wanted to present the perfect picture of first-wifeiness. That or fade into the background and avoid stealing the spotlight. Commendable, no? She even wore flats, presumably to avoid towering above her new hubby. (Or to make a quick dash to the pub with pal Kate Moss when things got too dull.) Really, she did look kinda bored and awkward for most of the visit, which is natural when the official gift exchange includes framed stamps and a bronze dog statuekldkfjatoahe...Oops! We almost dozed off typing that. See what we mean after the jump.

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