Derek Lam Doesn't Knock Knockoffs

Derek Lam knows what goes with cocktails Photo: Wireimage

Designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Diane Von Furstenberg are trying to pass a law to help fight the knockoff industry, but Derek Lam isn't bothered by it. "There's no such thing as original design, and I'd be the last person to say that I hadn't been inspired by people like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent," said Lam last night at a launch party for his new sunglasses line at ILORI. "In a way, that's what fashion's about." Lam doesn't mind when retailers like Zara reference his designs but isn't so into the Canal Street racket (which, he helpfully pointed out, helps fuel the drug trade). "If Zara's inspired by something, I'm done with the collection for that season. I move on to the next. It keeps me creative." As for his new shades, "They're the best for covering up a hangover — that's what sunglasses are made for." But do they work for the haggard look on the campaign trail? Lam had no remedy for Hillary Clinton but did pick out a cat-eyed pair for Michelle Obama. We swooned. Are you reading this, Zara designers? We need a pair, stat. —Amy Preiser

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