Donatella Versace Has Landed, and You Can See Her Tonight

Photo: Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

Donatella Versace is in town, and she undoubtedly brings trunkloads of fabulousness with her. The designer made her first appearance ever on the Today show this morning, which was brief and admittedly a bit awkward since, well, Versace is just way more fabulous than the suits on that show. No offense to Meredith or anything, but we're talking about Donatella here. Most people in the world would pale in her presence, except perhaps Maya Rudolph.

If you didn't get up at sunrise to shiver on the sidewalk with the out-of-towners all morning to see her Today segment, fret not! Catch her in person when she appears with Simon Doonan in a Barneys store window tonight at 6:30 to acknowledge the arrival of Versace menswear to the sales floor. She'll be behind glass, so who cares? It's Donatella, people! It's not clear what she and Doonan will do in there, but it should be entertaining. So go and bow down before her.