Plum Sykes, Bob Morris to Bring Style Back to HBO

's Plum Sykes and beloved Bob Morris Photo: Getty Images, Patrick McMullan

HBO wants a series to fill Sex and the City's Manolos and they're looking for the next Candace Bushnell to give it to 'em. According to WWD, they've tapped Vogue contributor Plum Sykes and former New York Times Styles columnist Bob Morris for scripts set in New York. Sykes is adapting her novel Debutante Divorcees, which we expect to be less about the career woman of Sex and the City than socialites who love jewelry and subsist on radish salads. Girls with fabulous clothes whose greatest cares amount to stationary for their next party invites sound like pretty entertaining TV fodder (seriously, we read that book in, like, a day), but we're more intrigued by sassy Bob Morris, who's adapting his old Times Age of Dissonance column. He told WWD:

"My show will be... about a man who is obsessed with manners and actually doesn't know how to treat people very well. That is me. Ask anybody I know. My tendency as a columnist was to get on a high horse and wag my finger and run my mouth off about things." But don't expect a journalist protagonist, what with Carrie Bradshaw having maxed out that particular conceit — Morris is considering making his alter ego a party planner or a guidance counselor at a private school.

...Aspects of [New York] culture he hopes to tackle include BlackBerry usage at urinals and residence in Brooklyn. "Go ahead and have your dinner parties," he said of the latter. "I am not coming, and I'm not calling a car service."

Wow, we are never touching another dude's Blackberry again.