Heatherette: Fashion Is Like a Frolicking Unicorn

Pucker up! Photo: Getty Images

In between digging up our best glitter eye shadow and glossiest lip goo in preparation for tonight's launch party for the Heatherette M.A.C makeup line, we did a little research so we'd be ready with any makeup questions and comments. And then we stumbled across an awesomely amazing video on the M.A.C Website. It captures Heatherette designers Traver Rains and Richie Rich gliding past the camera in slow motion with a ray of light reflecting off their sparkling hats. Rich says, "Fashion is like a disco ball, it's like magic, it's like a unicorn running through the forest." Then Heatherette model Amanda Lepore pops up to say she spends 45 minutes a day on her makeup, but "it's natural to me." And then, just as we were quickly writing about this phantasmagorical video so that we might share with you what we had seen, the video was taken down! Poof — just like that, gone, as if it had never existed. Was it a dream? A hallucination? No! We know what we saw, and we know tonight is going to be more special than a minotaur covered in glitter and puffy paint.

Site of the Missing Heatherette Video [M.A.C Cosmetics]