Heidi Klum to Wear Christian Siriano on German TV

Photo: Getty Images

Last week we learned Project Runway winner Christian Siriano fit Heidi Klum for some outfits. We figured she did it just so she could be a goody-two-shoes hostess and say she supports her winners. In the past she's been fitted for — and not worn — Project Runway winners' designs (cough, cough Jay McCarroll). So we did a little digging to find out if this was a setup for another fit and ditch. Klum's rep assured us it's not. So where will Klum don these outfits of whimsy? The faraway magical land of Germany, of course! She'll be all Christianed out while hosting Germany's Next Top Model. "She took some pants and dresses from the collection he brought with him and ordered some additional looks," a rep explained. We wonder if they're planning on doing any challenges over there inspired by Christian's final collection with pirate or bird themes. It's times like these we really wished we understood German. — Bennett Marcus

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