Jill Stuart Ditches Lindsay Lohan for Hilary Swank

LiLo's out! Swank's in! Photo: Courtesy of Jill Stuart; Getty Images

Though much of the world still hasn't gotten enough Lindsay Lohan since her nude Marilyn Monroe–inspired pictorial, designer Jill Stuart has. In May 2007 Lohan was the first celebrity to appear in a Jill Stuart campaign; though she never reappeared, the designer said she might. Rumor has it, however, that the brand now has its eyes on Hilary Swank, which would explain the Oscar winner's front-row appearance at Stuart's show during Fashion Week. We pondered if Tyra Banks, who sat across the runway from Swank in row one at the New York show, might also be in the running. But then we recalled how blatantly she mocked model Karlie Kloss's walk while she was sitting there with a million cameras and reporters in her face and realized it could never be. Stuart's looking for someone well behaved and mature this time around.

Lohan Left Out of Jill Stuart's Fall Ad Plans [Mixed Media/Portfolio]