May Kimora Lee Simmons's Pooch R.I.P

Kimora Lee Simmons, well composed Photo: Getty Images

Last night Kimora Lee Simmons held a press junket for the launch of the new Baby Phat fragrance Fabulosity. Not wanting to miss anything sparkly, the Cut had scheduled in advance to attend, but alas, the event got pushed back. No biggie, these things happen. Maybe the huge fake-diamond centerpieces arrived late or the "blue frost" color scheme had to be changed to "violet frost" at the last minute because Kimmy thought the blue was "too icy." But no, the matter was serious.

Simmons emerged to take the podium looking unlike herself. She explained she was dealing with a family emergency: Sadly, her dog had passed away earlier in the day. Okay, so we don't always give Kimora the easiest time over here at the Cut, but we also have pets, not to mention souls, and our hearts went out to her. Her pooch was eighteen years old, so it lived a long — also luxurious and probably blingin' — life which makes it harder to say good-bye. Thankfully, Simmons has something better than pictures to remember him by. It's the same dog that comes attached to the Kimora Lee Simmons doll. May he R.I.P. in sparkly dollhouses everywhere.