How to Wear Super-Skinny Leather Pants

That's Ashley Olsen on the left in the pants with her sister at the Chanel show in Paris on February 29. She wore them quite well, although she's drowning in wool, which we kind of forgive her for because we love her sunglasses and there are few garments that won't drown someone of her size. Photo: Newscom

On Wednesday night, Lindsay Lohan was snapped wearing shiny black leggings, and earlier this week Rihanna created a fuss when images of her running around Paris during Fashion Week in similar trousers surfaced. The look didn't do either starlet any favors, since the key to pulling off the super-tight leather pants look is ensuring you have the actual pants. A sliver of room between flesh and leather, after all, allows a gal to walk, cross her legs, and climb stairs, and all those other things that legs are good for.

Fortunately, we've just seen quite a few super-skinny leather pants that looked pretty great on the runways, like Givenchy's. And there are a few stars who know how to pull off the look. After the jump, we show you who wore 'em right and who wore 'em wrong.