Madonna Loves Her Christian Dior Blue Angel Pumps

From left, Madonna at the New Yorkpremiere in December; at the Berlin Film Festival in February Photo: .Getty Images

It's time to talk about Madonna. And not because of Guy Ritchie, recent magazine covers (and leotards), or Malawian children. It's her footwear. Indeed when we saw Madge in the five-and-a-half-inch high Blue Angel Christian Dior pumps at the Revolver premiere in December, we were in love. Partially because we were standing in front of Madonna and partially because her shoes were jaw-dropping. Patent leather, impossibly high, with a shiny, plump silver architectural heel — we couldn't decide if we should stare at her feet or her face.

Now, Madge must love the shoes as much as we do, because she wore them again to the Berlin Film Festival in February. We had to have them. We rang up Dior to find out which shelves they're hiding these gems on. Yeah, try European shelves, because these exact babies aren't available in the U.S. But you can snag a slightly different style at the 57th Street Dior boutique for just $990. They're black, shiny grained goatskin with white stripes. Okay, so they're not the same as Madge's but close enough. And, sure, they're like a month's rent, but it's a small price to be like Madonna. Or her feet.