Marc Jacobs Ad-Spoof Mystery Solved!

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Remember the Marc Jacobs ad spoof we unearthed yesterday? Our compadres at discovered that the faux ads were cooked up by Thomas Larsson and Greg Hart of creative firm Hart+Larsson. So we sent them a note to find out what exactly they would do with these fashion-meets-tennis-pro pictures. The rather elusive duo, who dolled themselves up as Björn Borg and John McEnroe in the images, said they don't have any plans for the photos as of yet. "If someone wanted to publish them, we'd certainly entertain the offer," Hart wrote in an e-mail. "There is no 'Coming Summer 2008' for the moment — we do think MJ would be wise to run these 'ads' in some particularly smart way."

Neither Hart nor Larsson know Marc Jacobs but would "love to meet with him at any time." (As would the Cut and a million other people.) After the jump, we have a full statement from the boys about the project.

We're Hart+Larsson. We're photographers, filmmakers, and advertising creatives. We call what we do The New Enthusiasm: an aesthetic movement (or philosophy) of sorts.

Borg+McEnroe is something we'd been wanting to do for a little while now. We thought it'd be interesting to adopt two generally well-known personas, style them, identify them as Borg and McEnroe, place them within a popular commercial context (the Marc Jacobs display ad), and then turn them loose. In a world dominated by replication and automation, we wondered whether or not we could create an 'authentic' Marc Jacobs ad. And we think we succeeded, for the most part. You know, in truth, we're not really sure anyone would naturally consider Juergen Teller to be a great photographer; perhaps he is, perhaps he's not — obviously, it's all rather subjective. We do know, however, that if one views his work within that instantly recognizable Marc Jacobs frame, one can't help but conclude that one is looking at the work of a master.

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