Marc Jacobs: Foodie?!

Digestion is important to this man. Photo: WireImage is an online social network for foodies. On April 3 it's having a party at Marquee to celebrate its launch and you'll never guess which "V.I.P. foodie" is headlining. That would be Marc Jacobs. Now, we know Jacobs has a taste for the finer things (he does design a good portion of them in this world), but we're surprised food tops that list. After all, in the Marc Jacobs documentary by Loïc Prigent, which follows the designer from his less-svelte days, we learn Jacobs used to live off muscle milk and protein bars. Now trim 'n fit, he told us he drinks green vegetable juice and doesn't consume sugar or caffeine. So, what gives? As you'll see in the clip of the documentary after the jump, he might be looking for inspiration.

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