Orange Nail Polish Is In; Skin Elixir Promises Four Nights in a Row of Glow

Panpuri body butter Photo:

• You have an excuse to wear garish bright-orange nail polish: It's in for spring. We like Chanel's Sorbet Orange. [Beauty and the Blog]

• Party animals, NB: A new skin elixir from stylist Linda Rodin called Olio Lusso promises a nongreasy oil to enhance your glow. Rodin said it works even after "four nights out in a row." [Moment/NYT]
• These pink, blue, and silver soaps smell and look like chocolate truffles. Use them and everyone will want to eat you. Um. [Teen Vogue]
• Panpuri Inner Peace Body Butter is floral-scented, relaxing and goes on smooth, like lotion should. Because inner peace obviously comes bottled in a $28.50 vat of lotion. [Spoiled Pretty]
• Bliss Glamour Gloves will moisturize your hands in twenty minutes. They're lined with hydrating ingredients like grape seed and ceramide gel. Good for a post-winter rehydration. [British Vogue]