Please Buy Funky Tights Instead of Leggings This Spring

Tights by Bebaroque: swirly! Photo:

Apparently retailers are surprised to see shoppers continue flocking to tights like moths to flames, but we're not surprised at all because the weather will justify a tights purchase for a couple more months, likely longer. Furthermore, we're not in denial this season — winter will be here far longer than we desire, and being fashionable throughout is a good way to weather it (zing!). Besides, everyone ought to buy as many tights as possible, since the fall '08 collections were oozing with them, and unless you're five-foot-eight and twiggy, leggings aren't doing you any favors. In particular, we're coveting the novelty tights coming out, because novelty tights equal instant outfit funk — you know, the aesthetic kind. The tights pictured here are by Bebaroque and retail for about $140. Though they're handmade in Scotland and mostly sold in select U.K. boutiques, you can also buy them in Williamsburg at Brooklyn Fox Lingerie or online at the Shop Floor Project.

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