‘Project Runway’ Did Not Help Malan Breton's Game

Dateless designer Malan Breton Photo: Getty Images

Christian Siriano might be the next Marc Jacobs in Tim Gunn's eyes, but that doesn't mean it will help him get laid, at least according to ex–Project Runway contestant Malan Breton. At last night's GLAAD Awards, we asked him if it's easier to get booty since the show. “Oh my God, darling, no! It’s harder!" he said. “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, can we have a picture?’ And then they go after that," Breton continued. "So I end up going home on my own more often than not." We suggested Breton be more aggressive the next time a hottie sidles up for a photo op. "I guess I should learn to be more forceful," he agreed. Perhaps said hottie would look something like Tim Gunn in his youth? "He was hot when he was young!" exclaimed Breton, who caught a photo of Gunn from about twenty years ago in a news magazine. "I mean, he’s hot as he is now, but when he was younger, he was, like, model hot. He was beautiful." — Ben Kawaller

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