Jelly Shoes, for When You Just Can't Wait for Spring

These will make rainy days so much more fun. Photo: Courtesy of, Tara Rice

For every season, there is a rubber. We're talking footwear, mind you (you dirty birds!), but we're all a little sick of rocking our wellies, even if they're spotted, striped, plaid, or sport any other cute design. It's spring, people! That said, it's still a bit chilly out there for summer's fun jelly sandals. Luckily, a stylish friend of the Cut alerted us to a cute and comfy (she promises) happy medium: these platforms by Aussie label Melissa. Made of rubber, they come in a ton of colors, including black, and retail for $120 at Opening Ceremony. (They also come in velvet, but that's a little too seventh grade even for us.) The rubber keeps your toes in check while the solid platform lets navigate spring's tricky terrain. Not perfect for a torrential downpour, but a good weapon to have in your arsenal against April's sartorial challenges.