Salon Selectives Hair Products Are Back! Dry Shampoos Actually Work

Photo: Courtesy of Salon Selectives

• This month, Salon Selectives is back on shelves. Yes, that's the same Salon Selectives that gave women that fresh-from-the-salon big hair of the eighties and nineties. [Spoiled Pretty]
• Matrix Biolage Scalptherapie Oil Control Treatment is a dry shampoo that does a really good job of taking oil off your scalp. It's also minty fresh. [Beauty Addict]

• It's getting harder for brands to get consumers to buy their fragrances, which is probably because way too many launch each year. In 2007 alone 815 fragrances launched — that's more than two per day — up from 581 in 2006. [Cosmetic News]
• Rapper Eve shopped at Colette in Paris and bought Le Labo perfume in jasmine and fleur d’orange and Joëlle Ciocco body oil. [Moment/NYT]

• Jenni Kayne partnered with to create makeup bag that doubles as a clutch in a patterned pink print. The bag comes with samples from brands like Urban Decay, L'Occitane, and Lorac and is free with a $75 purchase starting March 11. [Beauty Blogging Junkie]
• Guerlain's limited-edition spring Fleur de Feu eye-shadow palette has sold out online but is still available at Bloomingdale’s for $67. [Bella Sugar]