Swarovski Blings Up Your Macbook Air

Technology can be fabulous Photo: Courtesy of Bling-My-Thing

If Kimora Lee Simmons had a Macbook Air, it would look like this. Well, maybe hers would have pink swirls instead of black ones. This "Golden Age" costs about $40,000, and only twenty of them were made by a company called — get this — Bling My Thing. Each Golden Age is covered in 12,000 Swarovski crystals, the backs of which have been painted with gold and attached to the computer by hand. Because really, who needs to pay college tuition when you've got a laptop that looks like this? Or if you're really rolling in it and can bring this with you to college, get the matching Swarovski-encrusted gold vacuum. The set will be a great icebreaker for meeting all your new floormates.