The Pussycat Dolls Close L.A. Fashion Week

Photo: Getty Images

Robin Antin's Pussycat Dolls lingerie collection closed L.A. Fashion Week yesterday in a flesh-filled spectacle concert–cum–fashion show. Wonder if they're taking cues from Rock & Republic? (Or Ashley Dupré?) The Dolls are hoping to fill the void left by Victoria's Secret, now that the lacy-underthings giant is aiming to de-sexify a bit.

Antin put the Pussycat Dolls together, and considering she succeeded in launching them from cabaret-burlesque act to pop stardom, we don't doubt her ability to rack up an audience the way Victoria's Secret has. She's already got front-row star power: P. Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Nelly attended yesterday.

And sure, we could all use some new skivvies. But the Dolls' latest target audience is the nation's tweens, as evidenced by the CW's latest girl-band-making reality show, Girlicious. Anyone else a little, er, uncomfortable at the idea of young girls rocking some of these thongs? Because we kinda are! Fingers crossed these are marketed to the 18-to-34 group.

Check out photos from the show to see for yourself.

The Pussycat Dolls performed in their usual mix of racy leather and cute ruffles. Kudos to lead Doll Nicole for looking somewhat conservative.

The runway was basically at ground level. Note how close the dancers' rears got to the faces of the front row. On the right, a look from the collection. We'll call it "Sailing on Easter Sunday."

P. Diddy sat front row. Perhaps he's scoping out new talent for his latest reality show? Or a new assistant? On the right, bloomers are back!

We're not into doubling up on undies like the girl on the left, but it sure beats the knickers worn by her friend on the right.

This is one of the Pussycat Dolls with Nelly. Nelly has one helluva poker face. At right, Dr. Dre. You'd think he'd be enjoying himself a little more.

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