Men Shop in the Women's Department, and Unisex Lines Proliferate

Pete Wentz liberates his male self. Photo: FilmMagic

Retailers say guys are picking up the high-fashion–menswear look of very skinny pants and tight clothes, and now men everywhere from here (like in our, uh, very office) to Australia are buying women's jeans in women's clothing stores, because men's jeans just aren't tight or skinny enough. On the bright side, guys might not have to hit up the women's department much longer, as unisex clothing lines are proliferating. Take former Ksubi designer Gareth Moody, who has a unisex clothing collection in the works for his label Chronicles of Never. It's not a Pete Wentz–ish cheapie line either, but "upmarket." Well, that's good.

So, let's take stock: Guys of all persuasions can now wear ladies' tight clothes, girdles, and high heels with reckless abandon. It's men's lib, sure, but it's kind of about cross-dressing, in a way. Take it too far with the mass marketing, and it could get messy: Just imagine the chaos when everyone's gaydar gets thrown off.

Boys raid girls' room for fashion
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