Barack Obama Pushes the Neckwear Envelope (Relatively Speaking)

Photo: Getty Images

The other day we noted that Hillary Clinton was looking a bit Matchy McMatcherson in Pennsylvania — so, to be fair, we'll turn our sartorial gaze to Barack Obama. Well, he wears suits. Like, all the time. And like most male politicians in this country, this results in a wardrobe that is more or less beltway boring (especially for our purposes), but we do give him credit for not letting himself go: Unlike McCain and other politicians on the campaign trail, Obama refrains from blue-collar chic and keeps his suit and tie on almost all the time. And he does take little risks with the neckwear: Most politicians are sporting the same red or blue striped tie without fail, but the O-man isn't afraid to remix the ol' blue-tie/red-tie tune with more textured looks. Not that it always works: On the left, he's rocking something that strikes us as a cross between antique curtains and fish scales (perhaps a shout-out to Marion Cotillard's Oscars dress?). It may work in real life, but politicians are to be photographed, and that tie is just not translating well on film. Meanwhile, on the right, he explores a grayish-purple look, an interesting way to think outside the neckwear-color box: It's like he's trying to acknowledge spring, bearing in mind he shouldn't be too cheerful in These Economic Times. Certainly we appreciate the effort, but perhaps Pennsylvanians weren't ready for periwinkle?

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