Betsey Johnson Uses Morandi As Her Personal Grocer

Why use FreshDirect when you've got KeithMcNally? Photo: Getty Images

Never one to follow convention, Betsey Johnson doesn't let anyone less than Keith McNally fill her cabinets. When we spotted the eclectic designer at Morandi last night, she was, as usual, delightfully hard to miss with her Barbie-pink lipstick and peroxide-blonde dreadlocks. Her only dining companion was a Hummer-size Valentino shopping bag, so we stopped by to say hello. As she snacked on a plateful of Pecorino and tackled a teeming glass of Pinot Grigio, she revealed that she was merely awaiting this week’s food supply. Opening the first of her Morandi bags to reveal enough antipasti to feed the Sopranos, Johnson pronounced, “My kitchen is always empty, so I just come here and stock up!” What, like you expected her to buy her groceries from Whole Foods or something? —Katie Goldsmith