Breaking: Nautica Womenswear Discontinued

We've just learned that Nautica's womenswear line has been discontinued. Apparently, VF Corp., the company that owns the label, is responding to a decline in revenues and the shitty state of retail:

Despite posting impressive revenue and earnings gains in the first quarter, VF Corp. wasn't immune to the difficulties of the U.S. retail environment – a key factor in the company's decision to exit Nautica's women's sportswear business.

VF's sportswear coalition, which includes the Nautica and John Varvatos labels, saw North American revenues fall 11 percent during the quarter. Management had anticipated Nautica revenues would decline as a result of one of its customers deciding to reduce its assortment of the brand. In revealing the decision to close the Nautica women's business, the company said it has decided to devote its resources to the brand's men's sportswear segment.

Now, how often does a company nix women's clothes to concentrate on men's clothes? We can thank the recession for this kind of thing. So rage on, men's lib. Rage on.

VF Net Up, to Close Nautica’s Women’s Line