Chad White Digs ‘Vogue,’ Is Kinda Like Zoolander

Somebody hit on him! Photo: Patrick McMullan

Okay, so perhaps Vogue may have stirred the pot in the wrong direction with its shape issue. But, we wondered, what did fashion insiders think of it? We got the chance to find out when we scored top male model (and bona fide hunk) Chad White's digits the other day (and no, we can't share them — the piece of paper upon which they were written self-destructed immediately after the phone call). So what did he think of the shape cover? “Gisele’s one of the greats,” he declared. But what about the potentially racist undertones? The Oregon native seemed puzzled and replied, “Nah, nah — and I’m sure that was not what LeBron was thinking either.”

On to more pressing matters: Is the world of male modeling at all like Zoolander? (Come on, you were thinking it too.) And the answer is yes! "It’s kind of like that, but a lot different too.” There are no funny faces and screwing around on set. “You have to be serious and take the picture.” Sounds hard. But lest you think life is all glam and hot women and Benjamins all over the place, White doesn't even have a place to live. Yup, he was crashing at a friend's pad before he left for Paris recently. Adding to this sad picture, he doesn't get hit on often! (We've heard that one before.) “People think I’m going to be like snobby or something, but then if you talk to me, you see I’ve got this big ol’ smile.” So people, help a poor model out: Hit on him, buy him a drink, and maybe let him crash on your couch. If you're lucky, he might even teach you how to win a walk-off. —Kendall Herbst