Daria Werbowy's Ship Is About to Set Sail

Photo: Getty Images

It seemed like Daria Werbowy had been lying low. Then she resurfaced a couple of weeks ago in an H&M campaign and soon after launched a three-piece makeup collection by Lancôme for Sephora. We were preparing for, and rather looking forward to, an onslaught of Werbowy news: She's got her own fragrance! A Versace campaign! An engagement! You know how these things tend to come in waves. Alas, none of that's happened yet. But! She'll still make waves this summer — of the literal variety, that is. Some insider or other told Page Six Magazine Werbowy's taking a break from modeling to sail around the world with her family. "She's told her agency, IMG, that her cell phone will be off all summer," the person said. We can envision her telling her agency about her vacation plans and their not understanding that cell-phone reception and the middle of the ocean don't exactly have a symbiotic relationship. When they finally got that she really won't take their calls for weeks on end, we imagine they cried into their BlackBerrys and sent her off with a designer backpack full of sunscreen. No one will want to buy perfume from a prune, after all.

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