David Beckham Felt Uncomfortable in Those Armani Ads

We would have luuuurved to be Ellen DeGeneres the other day when she had David Beckham and his hot body on the show. Naturally she makes all the gratuitous jokes about his feeling free to take his clothes off at any time. (He doesn't. Boo.) And of course she prods him about the Posh-ster. Apparently he's been trying to get her to wear sneakers for years, but she only wears heels, even when they go on bike rides with their three boys. (It's all part of bringing the kids up in the most normal way possible, riding bikes with Stiletto Mommy.) At the end of the first segment (multiple segments! We'd have melted all over our chairs), David reveals he felt quite uncomfortable posing in his skivvies for the Armani underwear ads. Aw, we never would have guessed! If you really love David and want to stare at him for another eight minutes, you're in luck.