Too-Small Lacroix Loaner Gets Passed Around

Left: Farkas; Right: Bancroft Photo: Patrick McMullan

The socialites were out in full-on spring garb again — and we're starting to truly believe that it is, in fact, spring — at the party celebrating the opening of the new Christian Lacroix store last night. We shared a very candid moment with Debbie Bancroft, who wound up in a "mumu"-style number because the dress Lacroix had initially sent didn't quite fit. "Lacroix sent me something to wear and I said maybe it would have fit my thigh," she said. "I made my eleven year old daughter try it on, and it fit her!" Bancroft might not be the only one who didn't fit into the garment. "I actually saw another name crossed out on the label. I think the dress got passed around a little before it got sent to me," she said. "You know Somers Farkas? I mean she even told me that she had a hard time zipping it up, and she probably weighs 100lbs and she’s 5’10”." Then Farkas herself, clad in the thigh-sized number walked by, and Bancroft lowered her voice. "She’s peeking out of her dress a little bit," she said. "I feel much better now — I'm having more fun and I love my food!" If any other socialites need to vent do give us a ring. — Katie Goldsmith