Heather Mills Blows Her Stash on Vegan Shoes

Gooooooo vegans! Photo: Getty Images, Te Casan

If you won $48.6 million in your divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, what would you spend it on? We'd probably make like Heather Mills and start by blowing some of the stash on shoes. Now this might make more sense for us since we're not vegans and have no problem wearing leather. Mills, however, is a vegan who walks and dresses the part, and hence faces far more limited footwear options. She can't exactly roll into the Stella McCartney store and pick up some animal-free shoes there with the ease of, say, a soy latte at Starbucks. So she turned to what we deign to call the next best option (because though it might be the only "next," we certainly wouldn't call it the "best" of anything): Natalie Portman's shoe line for Te Casan. Mills bought four pairs of the Petra style for $795 (plus tax), numerous e-mails to the Cut reported. At least someone's buying them!

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