How Hillary Clinton Made Us Hate Turquoise

Photo: Getty Images

We've never had a problem with turquoise. We like it on clothes, jewelry, sandals, belts, purses, and what have you. But we don't like it on Hillary Clinton. Though sometimes she looks quite smashing, the outfit she wore for the Pennsylvania primary last night was a low point. To start, the cut of the jacket is all wrong for her: It stops at the widest part of her hips, making her look wider than we think she really is. And then there's the fabric — typically seen on cheap blazers at Forever 21. And in that color, Clinton looks like a giant turquoise Etch A Sketch.

If the jacket wasn't bad enough, she had to add the jewelry. But why?! Jewelry doesn't have to be the same color as one's clothes, especially when one looks like the Caribbean sea after an oil spill. It looks like she bought the jacket, earrings, and necklace in one plastic bag as part of a set, the way bad Halloween costumes come. Perhaps this is her way of saying hello to spring? Perhaps she's trying to appeal to voters by showing them that she, too, shops at affordable department stores? Guess it worked.