Hugh Dancy Gets Sassy, Discusses Hipsters

Dancy and his non-beard Photo: Getty Images

Hugh Dancy’s in town from London to film Confessions of a Shopaholic, and he brought his sass with him. We bumped into the actor at last night's screening of Standard Operating Procedure at MoMA and asked him if he was a shopaholic. "No, I'm the dude," he deadpanned as we stared at his new beard. "This doesn't count as a beard. This is just a lifelong habit, a tendency towards laziness," Dancy explained. Um, beards are "in" right now, hello?! "I haven't noticed that. The last habit I noticed in New York was guys wearing skinny jeans and plaid." We asked if Hugh felt he could pull off skinny jeans. "That’s a loaded question," Sassy McSasster replied (he went there, not us). Then he went off about how New York lags behind London when it comes to such hipster fashions. "The honest truth is that people were wearing all that stuff in London two years ago. What all the artists are wearing in London, you'll see six months later here," he said. Oh,yeah? Then name another hipster trend, Dancy. We dare you. "Stripes, for a while. You know what I mean: You go into trendy bars, and it's like you've just suddenly become epileptic. Okay, that's probably enough." We wish you luck in Brooklyn, Hugh. Sort of. — Darrell Hartman