Is Anne Slowey Right About the Fate of Dresses?

Look! Anne Slowey's wearing a dress! Photo: Getty Images

In today's "Styles" section, Guy Trebay devotes a whole article to proving why Elle's fashion-news director, Anne Slowey, could be wrong about the dress going out of style come September. Wishful thinking, he says, gathering quotes from trend forecasters, the fashion director of Barneys, and random dress-clad women on the street to make his case for the dress. And we must say he did so as compellingly as one can when covering such a topic, though it was kind of unfair he didn't quote anyone who agreed with Slowey. Anyway, it felt like the perfect opportunity for the Cut's first-ever point-counterpoint debate!

Point: Anne Slowey, from the set of reality show Fashionista, in which she plays "herself…only meaner":

"The eye is looking for something new, and so is the psyche"

Counterpoint: David Wolfe, creative director of a fashion-trend-forecasting company:
"The dress provides the beauty of so many options." A woman could wear, he said, "a sheath, or a dirndl shape, or a baby-doll or something close to the body or something that moved away from the body."

Point: Anne Slowey:

"The first hint of chill in the air, and the full-legged, pleated high- and low-waisted legions will be out in the urban jungle," said Ms. Slowey, already so adapted to her new television role that she speaks in thought bubbles.

Counterpoint: Julie Gilhart, fashion director of Barneys New York:
Certainly it’s much more efficient. "Instead of spending days thinking about your wardrobe," she said, "you can concentrate on who you’re voting for for president."

Point: Anne Slowey (Seeing a pattern here?):

"Pants make it easier to cross your legs."

Counterpoint: Jacqueline Kelly, a random dress-clad woman on the street:
"I find that dresses are slimming, and they cover all the problem areas and highlight all the curves."

Point: Anne Slowey:

"The expiration date for the dress…is end of August."

Counterpoint: Lesley Hartnett, another random dress-clad woman on the street:
“It’s my anti-mommy-blob outfit,” [she] said... looking lean and sleek in a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. “I feel glamorous in a dress, and it’s easy.”

Point: Anne Slowey:

[Women will become] "a little more hard-core, a little more androgynous, a little more butch."

Counterpoint: Jennifer Emory, another random dress-clad woman on the street:
"[The dress is] very easy and very flattering — a no-brainer, really. It’s comfortable, and you can easily go from day to night. And guys like it because it’s so feminine."

Long Live the Dress (for Now) [NYT]