Jean Paul Gaultier's New Line of Man Makeup

Monsieur Photo:

We weren't kidding when we said men are the new women. Jean Paul Gaultier's line of man makeup — yes, man makeup — called Monsieur hits shelves in May, or, um, Thursday. The line of "aesthetic enhancement" products includes cleanser, toner, shaving products, concealer, eyeliner, brow grooming gel, and bronzer. It seems to already be available in Britain for about $10 to $60, and has a video tutorial on how to apply the products on a real live man. Their subject wears a plaid lumberjack-esque shirt and doesn't look like the sort for whom guyliner is a natural next step up from mirdles and sporting women's jeans. Brandish reports the subject didn't like the eyeliner, but he did take away the bronzer. So ladies, do tidy up your counter space in the bathroom so your guy has room for his products. He just might like a little enhancement after all.

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