Jude Law Mugs for Dior; Beauty Products Are Full of Grossness

Jude Law: banned in the U.K. Photo: Getty Images

• Christian Dior announced that Jude Law will be the new global face for its next men's fragrance, but sadly, not in U.S. and U.K. markets. He might not have the rosiest track record, but that doesn't mean we're opposed to Jude billboards. Patrick Demspey needs a little competition, after all. [Cosmetic News]

• A woman in Texas was held at knifepoint in her car and drove her captor out by spraying him with Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume. It's the new pepper spray. [Jezebel]

• For $100 you can get your hair treated with Angus bull sperm at a U.K. salon. The "Viagra for hair" purportedly conditions and revitalizes hair. Ew. [BellaSugar]

• Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen has openly discussed her Botox use. She's taken the natural (oh, the irony!) next step: She's the new Botox spokesperson. [Fashionista]

• Found makes skin products like day cream with oyster enzymes and night cream with snake venom. Its eye serum coming out this spring will contain jellyfish collagen and protein from spiderwebs. Really, all this gross beauty stuff is getting out of control. [WWD]