Kristen Bell Breaks Eyeliner Rules; Naomi Campbell Gets Seductive (Not Angry!)

Kristen Bell: Oh, yes, she di-id. Photo: Getty Images

• Kristen Bell broke the “no blue eyeliner with blue eyes” rule at the premiere of Forgetting Sarah Marshall this weekend, which means you can too. Oh, sweet relief! [Sugar Shock Beauty]

• Spinlash is a new $15 mascara brush that rotates to coat and comb mascara onto lashes. Raise your hand if you can say gimmick! [Spoiled Pretty]

• Next month, Naomi Campbell releases Seductive Elixir, a fragrance inspired by Africa with notes of hibiscus blossom, pomegranate, red pepper, sandalwood, and musk. We wonder if it has, you know, calming effects. [Now Smell This]

• Fragrance sales were down last year because, industry sources say, the people who sell them lack enough knowledge to do so. We're no fragrance experts, but we'd guess the typical spraying-people-in-department-stores routine might also have something to do with it. [Cosmetic News]

• In the new book Perfumes: The Guide, authors Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez reveal their favorite perfume is Mitsouko. [Now Smell This]

• No matter how silky soft that flat-iron makes your hair, it's still damaging it. The CHI 44 Iron Guard spray promises to prevent damage to hair when flat-ironing and add shine without weighing down strands. This blogger swears buy it. [Style Bell]