Life Ball 2008: Agent Provocateur Guarantees Less Clothing

Scenes from last year's madness. Photo: Photos: Getty Images

At a preview party last night for the 2008 Life Ball — a charity dedicated to fighting AIDS — organizer Gery Keszler announced the newest designer for its May festivities in Vienna. Last year Heatherette did the honors for the traditionally outrageous fashion show and party, but for 2008 the organization found an even more suitable creative force: Agent Provocateur. Considering that most revelers prefer to arrive in body paint and hot pants, we think it may be the first lingerie show that’s actually more modest than its audience. If they continue to pick designers who show skimpier and skimpier garments, God only knows who might step up next year. How do you one-up a satin thong and sequined pasties? Actually, don't answer that. —Kendall Herbst