Lindsay Lohan's Got a Brand-new Ad

LiLo looking slightly bewildered by her new campaign, as are we. But it's all good! Photo: Getty Images

We've never thought of Lindsay Lohan as a vintage girl, but apparently Visa has. The credit-card company signed LiLo to be the face of its new pop-up shop in London called Visa Swap. Yes, our brow is furrowed, too. Visa? Clothing store? Lindsay Lohan? It's like veggie burgers, you see: They taste a little off at first, but then when you think about it, you realize they're actually delicious. Like a veggie burger, Visa Swap is kind of delicious. Customers donate clothing to the store beginning June 21 for three weeks in exchange for points credited to a Visa card. The weekend of July 19 they can go back to the shop and spend their points on the whole lot; unsold items go to charity. Lindsay Lohan was shot in vintage clothing for the Visa Swap ad campaign, and her photos come out in June. We don't know why, but we're envisioning her in black and white wearing an old cowboy hat and fringed vest. We bet she even posed without all the legwear she loves so much. Now that's sacrifice.