Marc Jacobs Explains His Green Suit

Photo: FilmMagic

The Internet continues to spit out articles about the Brooklyn Museum's Takashi Murakami–Louis Vuitton opening-night party even though it took place on Thursday. Allow us to contribute: Of course we were there with the 500 million other reporters. We muscled our way through the throng, putting our toes in danger of the imprint of many a publicist's stiletto to ask man-of-the-hour Marc Jacobs what was up with his green Copacabana suit. "It's from Comme des Garçons," he said. Delightful! Perhaps an affordable rendition of it will show up in the label's forthcoming H&M line. Jacobs added, "I just thought it was a good color to wear to this exhibition. I thought a bright color would be fun to wear. Actually, I didn't have any winter clothes." Yes, way to spring forward, Jacobs. And with that someone fabulous whisked him away. Or should we say, he was quick to make like a tree and leave. — Jada Yuan