Dear Gwyneth Paltrow: Skin Is Not Always In

From left: Paltrow at the premiere in New York; Paltrow at the premiere in London; Paltrow at the premiere in Berlin; Paltrow outside the MTV studios, in New York. Photo: Getty Images

You know, Gwyneth, you didn't have to wear a short dress to the Iron Man premiere in New York last night. While your thighs are indeed very nice — especially for a mom! — we feel like we've seen quite a bit of them as of late. And we might have been able to overlook last night's hemline slide if your dress were a bit more opaque, but alas. Like we said — you have great legs. Hell, we're jealous. But why risk a crotch shot every time you have to go to an Iron Man premiere? Is it in your contract? Defamer suggests it's because you're feeling insecure, as British GQ recently revealed:

"Paltrow admits she suffers from a lack of confidence...she is desperate to change her public image...'People think I'm aloof, or cold, or that I breathe rarefied air - that's not me'." So what exactly turned the former It Girl into a Debbie Downer?..."People came over to watch me in the film Emma and I was like, 'Oh. My. God. I'm the worst actress ever.'" [she said.]

Gwyneth Explains Her Recent Need to Look Like a Hooker: 'I'm The Worst Actress Ever' [Defamer]