‘Project Runway’ Wins Peabody (No, We Don’t Know Why)

Tim Gunn wears his Peabody on his lapel. Photo: Photo illustration: Courtesy of Bravo; The Peabody

The Peabody Awards honor excellence in news and entertainment broadcasting. This year's recipients, announced yesterday, include Bob Woodruff for his series on wounded war veterans, 30 Rock, Discovery's nature documentary Planet Earth, and Project Runway. Yes, Project Runway, the first reality show ever to win a Peabody. We furrowed our brow at the news because as Jillian Lewis and Christian Siriano noted, the show's gotten kind of stale. Yes, we adore it, but more in the guilty pleasure way we enjoy watching Rock of Love With Brett Michaels (that's right — the Cut knows no shame). Will the world benefit from anyone taking the show more seriously than they already have? Not so much. Unless everyone picks up Tim Gunn's vocabulary, which would be kind of awesome. But this is reality TV, people — the stuff born of the Real World and Survivor. Let's keep that in mind next year, Peabodsters.

Journalists Wounded in Iraq Among Peabody Winners [WP]