Rachel Clark: The Newest Victoria's Secret Model

From left, Behati Prinsloo, Chanel Iman, and Rachel Clark. Photo: Photos: Imaxtree, Patrick McMullan, and Imaxtree

Yet again, Victoria’s Secret is out. The latest to join lingerie mannequins Behati Prinsloo and Chanel Iman is Rachel Clark, and our spies stumbled upon the intel while reading her personal (and private, permission-only) blog, of all things. Who doesn't have a blog these days? Anyhow. On April 4, she posts, “I'll also be doing the main line, not just Pink. Though I remember there being clothing in the main line. I'm sure they wont stick me in undies. I'm sure of it.” Then two days later, she writes: “Hmm I dunno. The whole ‘am I doing pink or the normal line or the pink online or pink catalog or magalog or OMG what is a magalog anyway?’ issue is beyond my head in confusing details at this point. No one knows, I'm just rolling with it.” But by April 8, Rachel seems to have cleared it up: “It's official. I hearts shooting with the VS people.” —Kendall Herbst and James Lim