Remind Us Why Amy Winehouse Is a Fashion Icon Again?

What do we mean by "icon," exactly? Photo: Getty Images

We've gotten so used to reading about how fabulously fashionable Amy Winehouse is that we haven't taken a moment to really consider the ridiculousness of the whole concept. Enter London Times fashion critic Lisa Armstrong. Up to her neck in press releases about Winehouse wearing so-and-so's shoes and carrying so-and-so's bag, and now in disbelief over the news Roberto Cavalli is in talks with WiHo (can we make it catch on — pleeeeaaase?) to give her a lifetime supply of his clothes, Armstrong has had enough. She writes in today's paper:

Somehow the fashion industry has got it into its head that what's really missing from every stylish woman's life is an accessory that will make her look like someone whose next must-have is an intravenous drip.

None of this is to cast aspersions on Winehouse's musical talents. And to be fair, she has carved a wholly original look for herself. Unfortunately it's accented (as fashion folk like to say) with self-harming razor marks, the body of an emaciated child and regular bruises. I know, I know. Purple is such a now sort of colour. But a style mentor? At least wait for the girl to get well. By which time, you never know, the fashion industry might have grown up.

There's really nothing left to say after that.

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