Rogan Feels Guilty About Not Being in the Peace Corps

The green guys.

Last night at Barneys, the Sundance Channel threw an Earth Day celebration involving Loomstate designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn — they were asking people to bring in old T-shirts, which would be refashioned and sold for charity at Barneys during the 2008 holiday season. Gregory revealed that he's been wearing green threads for as long as he can remember: “I didn’t know at the time, but all my clothes when I was younger were all hand-me-downs from my cousin. And hand-me-down clothes are pretty much like the greenest you can get." Now that the ecofriendly clothing trend has hit a fever pitch, we had to wonder if there were any looks the design-obsessed pair don't particularly love, like, say, certain totes that are very much not plastic bags? “I couldn’t think of any until you mentioned that. We’re just hoping they aren’t jumping on a gimmick,” Gregory said. “I heard they weren’t even organic cotton," quipped Hahn. Scandal!

On the matter of Rogan's upcoming collaboration with Target, Gregory revealed that the idea came from his sibling. "My sister, who works in the Peace Corps, would say, 'I love what you do and I think it's important, but what about the people who can’t afford it?'" With his sibling off saving the world, does fashion feel, in comparison, a little frivolous? “Totally. My parents will get off the phone with me in some fancy hotel in Tokyo, and they’ll try to get ahold of my sister, in, like, wherever she is.… Bolivia, like the poorest fucking country in the world. Whereas I have, like, this pretty life in New York.” Aw. But at least you're helping us! —Kendall Herbst