Something's Familiar About Blake Lively's ‘Nylon’ Cover


Good afternoon, Upper East Siders! On the left you see two images of Gossip Girl's Blake Lively. The top photo appeared as a full-page image in the front of Teen Vogue's March issue. The bottom image is the cover of Nylon's May issue. She's rocking a suspiciously similar yellow jacket, black miniskirt, white shirt-and-tie combo in those shots, eh? (We peered over our spectacles as we typed that.) Huh. Now, Lively is the star of Gossip Girl, which is all about prep schoolers, so we could see both magazines' stylists naturally going the whole hip-schoolgirl route. But still, the similarity of the images strikes us as a bit uncanny, especially given the timing of the two issues. The March Teen Vogue hit stands in early February — which, following the logic of monthly magazine-production schedules, may very well have been before Nylon shot its May cover. Perhaps someone at Nylon saw the look in Teen Vogue and the image stuck in her head without her realizing it? Perhaps it really is just a huge coincidence? Or perhaps Blake loved her outfit so much the first time that she demanded to wear it again? Seriously, the yellow jacket is cute.