Spring's Floral Frocks Are Really Quite Garish

That's Joy Bryant on the left. She looks like she lost her clothes in the rain forest in Hawaii and had to wrap herself in a bedspread from the hotel. On the right is Rachel Zoe. Looking at all that print and fringe makes us feel carsick. Photo: Getty Images

Last night, Posh and Becks celebrated their birthdays together with a joint party, which is kinda, sorta cute, we guess. What's not kinda, sorta cute is Victoria's dress. We appreciate that the Beckhams are the kind of couple who coordinate their attire, but we don't appreciate those random black flowers on Posh that look like they've been sponged on. The dress is way too old for her (though we confess we are amazed at how she uses cleavage to trick us into thinking it's actually too young for her). Anyhoo, since florals are so unoriginally the hot trend this spring, we'll all have to get used to far more garish dresses than this one. After the jump, we've compiled images of some recently worn offensive floral frocks.

Miley Cyrus is on the left at the Country Music Awards. We can deal with her dress, even though it looks like some sort of Asian-inspired dragon print from a distance. On the right, Selita Ebanks looks way frumpier than she should. The tights with that print really rub us the wrong way.Photo: Getty Images