The Pose That Really Needs to Stop

Photo:, Getty Images

At left, we have models Behati Prinsloo after walking the Derek Lam show, Heidi Klum at the Kids' Choice Awards, and Tanya Dziahileva backstage at the 3.1 phillip lim show. Three gorgeous ladies, all of whom are worthy of our admiration and adoration. And yet? Apparently they all decided that since they were caught in a candid moment, they may as well throw decorum to the wind and show the cameras just how and crazy and fun they are! Rowr! Hence we have what we're going to call the Look, I'm Zany! Pose™. Let's be clear: It's not the best pose out there. We definitely encourage the world's finest mannequins to cut loose, but perhaps not in this exact position. And poor Tanya on the bottom didn't get the memo that peace signs — or are they bunny ears? — are in right now, if she's going to insist on pulling a Zany™.