The New Rick Owens Store: Now With Bonus Fog

Owens (center) with two looks from his fall 2008 collection. Photo: Getty Images

You might not be completely fluent in Rick Owens, but now's a good time to immerse yourself in the Paris-based designer, since he'll be opening his first New York store in the not-so-distant future. Raised in L.A., he's known for his goth aesthetic, and his specialty is cutting amazing patterns. A bit more on his style from his designer profile:

“My look is about an appreciation of teenage angst without actually having the angst,” he has said in interviews, and compares his style to a Brancusi sculpture: “Just a slab of metal on a hunk of wood, but it's about the right piece of metal, the right hunk of wood and the perfect gesture.”

How does that translate into the design of his new Tribeca boutique? Owens told WWD he's "working on an aquarium-like wall installation that contains circulating fog." Hear those clicking heels? That's the sound of the Times' "Critical Shopper" running down there to start reporting. Hear that second set of clicking heels? That's us trying to get there first.

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