Varying Awesome Accounts of Naomi's Arrest

She looks so happy when she smiles. Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, we learned Naomi Campbell got into a little bit of trouble at the airport when she lost her temper and got fresh with the po-po. So, of course, today was like Christmas for the papers disseminating the story in all its inconsequential detail. What exactly happened? The papers all agree these events occurred:

1. Campbell became angry on the plane when she learned one of her bags hadn't been loaded.

2. She assaulted a police officer.

3. She was arrested and removed from the plane.

4. She was released on bail.

But, of course, various papers cooked up the story with different juicy batches of details to fill in the spaces between one and four. Let's take a look at the nuances of the various rags, shall we?

The London Times reports:

[Campbell] demanded that airport staff find the bag and turned down their offer to look for it and forward it later.

As tempers rose, staff allegedly asked her to leave the airport, saying that she was unfit to fly.

Police were called and Campbell was reportedly heard screaming “get off me, leave me alone”, before she allegedly assaulted an officer and was taken to Heathrow police station.

The Mirror reports:

[Campbell] — described by witnesses as looking "crazed and psychotic" — screamed at staff in front of appalled passengers: "This is a joke, right?

"Why can't you do anything right? Get all my bags on this flight! I'm Naomi Campbell."

Seconds later she flared up again, yelling "Bloody fools!" at the BA crew and "What are you looking at?" at other fliers.

The Sun reports:

Campbell] allegedly SPAT at a cop who was called to calm her down — then laid into him with her FISTS.

At least the photos they ran of her were, um, pretty?

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