‘Vogue’ Puts André Leon Talley in Business Class

is so cruel. Photo: Getty

At the after-party for The Life Before Her Eyes screening at the Soho Grand last night, we bumped into one of our favorite Vogue editors, André Leon Talley. What's he been up to since looking quite disgruntled at L.A. Fashion Week? "I’m working on the July issue and the Met ball," he told us, referring to the annual Vogue-sponsored party for the Costume Institute. We prodded for gossip on why Amy Winehouse got axed from the lineup, but since Talley's "not on the entertainment committee" (sounds awkwardly like prom, doesn't it?), he had no dirt for us. He did, however, have a lot to say about air travel. "I think that airplane travel today is really a challenge to one’s mental state and ecstatic state of being. I think that every time you go to the airport you’re taking your life into your hands because the inspections aren’t going the way they should and the seats are not configured for people like myself. They think one size fits all, and I think that’s bad. The food is bad. Traveling by air is a very challenging thing," he said. But we thought first-class seats were accommodating, we protested. "In first class it’s accommodating, but I travel business class and in business class I think the seats are often not appropriate," Talley said. Egads! Vogue puts Talley in business class?! "And I certainly think for people who have to travel in coach, the seats are not appropriate. If I had a family, I would charter an SUV to go across country, like in Little Miss Sunshine." At least he's looking out for the little people. But guess who he's not looking out for! Go ahead, guess! The Pope. Just for fun we asked Talley to suggest activities for His Popeness when he's in town. He replied, "I have nothing to suggest for him. He’s not on my radar." He paused. "No, Pope Benedict is not on my radar." Did we mention he's one of our favorite Vogue editors? —Fiona Byrne

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