What's Not So Elegant About Jenna Bush's Wedding

We're envisioning a train soiled by ranch dust. Photo: Getty Images

Oh, how we wait with bated breath to find out what Jenna Bush's Oscar de la Renta wedding gown will look like for her May 10 nuptials at the Crawford, Texas, ranch. Last week we practically put our cardiologist on speed dial when we learned her bridesmaids will wear pastel Lela Rose gowns and Barbara Bush's will be gray to match her eyes. Talk about dish. Anyway, until we find out if the white dress does in fact have a cascade of ruffles down the side, we'll have to speculate about what the non-clothes stuff will be like. Jenna's getting married in the middle-of-nowhere Texas instead of the White House, probably because having a big, splashy, elegant affair there while Americans lose their homes left and right just didn't feel right. But the Crawford ranch, decidedly less splashy and elegant than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and tucked nicely away from protesters, feels more appropriate for these tough economic times:

There are no hotels in Crawford; the closest place to stay is the Weston Inn Suites & RV Park in McGregor, Tex., less than seven miles down the road, not a likely destination for Bush family guests. The nearest city, Waco, is a half-hour drive away. Out-of-town guests will fly to the little airport there (those lacking private planes and coming from a distance could face a long layover in Dallas) and will probably be transported to the ranch by shuttle bus, after going through security clearance in Waco.

“There’s not even a place to park around here,” said Marilyn Judy, who runs the Crawford Chamber of Commerce. “I think all Crawford people will see will be a line of white vans going down the road.”

Um, white vans? An RV park?! Will dinner be assorted barbecued meats served on wax paper? We were fixing for a fight at the post office since our invitation seems to have gotten lost in the mail, but now we think we'll sit this one out.

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