When P. Diddy Celebrates Himself, He Changes Outfits Five Times

Diddy in his casual attire. Photo: Getty Images

Sean "Diddy" Combs is getting his name (no, we're not sure which one) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He plans to celebrate this achievement with a fabulous party. Just how fabulous will it be? Well, he'll air a prerecorded congratulatory message from "best pal" David Beckham (watch out, Tom Cruise!), get pats on the back from hordes of famous people like Jamie Foxx, and the goody bags will include Unforgivable Black perfume. But the best part of the $4 million fête is Diddy's wardrobe, of course:

Five different custom-made Sean Jean outfits: a tux, a smoking jacket, a pimp suit, a top hat and tails and a pyjama combo for when Diddyman flags.

Wow — pj's? Even Heidi Klum had only two outfits at the Oscars, and we don't think she had a negligee in her clutch for the limo ride home.

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